They’ve made it to the top and will remain there for years to come

Just a few years ago in the 2015/16 English Premier League season, Liverpool Football Club had finished 8th place in the standings out of twenty teams without even a sniff of European football in sight.

For a club like Liverpool, it was incredibly disappointing to finish this low and to completely miss out on European competition, which dictates a 6th place finish or better.

By 2020, they had won the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup once each. …

It’s called E.L.F.

Entrepreneurship is quite the grind.

People who are serious about becoming self-employed will develop a sense of doing “whatever it takes” to reach success.

This is certainly a necessary mindset to adopt if you’re going to successfully create a profitable business. We know this because most business attempts fail, and only the individuals who are serious about becoming self-employed will find another way to make it work.

This mindset establishes a sense of grit that many other people don’t carry with them.

It’s a great edge, until it’s taken too far.

Many entrepreneurs will carry this mindset with them, even…

Stop ignoring these basic things — you can start right now!

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Sleep is finally starting to get the respect it deserves.

Being that it is one of the three main pillars of health (exercise, nutrition, and sleep), it is about time we start to take it more seriously. Especially when more than a third of American adults do not get sufficient sleep on a regular basis. This is a major issue.

Luckily, we have experts like Nick Littlehales who have worked with some of the premier athletes and organizations across the globe and can tell us what really…

“No tip, no trip”

I was recently DoorDashing, as I often do, when I walked into a Wingstop to pick up an order.

Another Dasher walked in behind me and I heard him tell the cashier the same name on his order as was on my order. I went up to ask him if it was for the same guy and sure enough, it was.

I love talking to other Dashers throughout the night just to see how it’s going for them because it gets repetitive and tiring when you’re alone.

I noticed this was a guy I’ve seen and talked to at least…

This is a time unlike anything that’s come before it

The world is changing — and fast.

The sheer pace of change going on is like nothing ever seen before. It’s leaving people behind who are unable to keep up and adapt.

There is no more work the local factory job your whole life, marry the small-town girl or guy, buy a nice house with a yard, and have a couple kids and a dog to tie it all together.

The terms to life have changed and this is simply not what most people are looking for anymore.

Here is what the younger generations are concerned with now — the…

Plus, 8 ideas to generate more ideas

Coming up with ideas as a creative worker is paramount.

For me personally, it is what gets the ball rolling. If I don’t have ideas flowing through my head, I really don’t even feel like I can produce any meaningful work.

Through struggling with bouts of idea droughts, I came to realize what the main problem was when I was not getting any ideas.

The problem was overstimulation. Too many distractions were playing in front of my eyes and in my ears all the time and I wasn’t able to process any of my own thinking.

I see this same…

Why drinking more water is not enough

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Most people walk around dehydrated.

This shows up in different parts of the body like in the muscles with cramping, in the blood with lack of circulation and blood flow, and in the skin with dry, flaky skin.

What caught my attention is how stubbornly dry my skin has been the past several years. It doesn’t really matter what the season is or what the weather is like, as many people assume it’s environmental factors first.

Those factors do play a role. But I’ve found it to…

It makes time almost irrelevant

Without doubt, the most common excuse we hear today is, “I don’t have time.”

It is a phrase that gets recycled for many different reasons: it’s non-descriptive, it’s non-offensive, and it’s somewhat inarguable.

It’s a cop-out, honestly.

It’s an effective way to end the discussion about something because the other person who initially made the proposal is very unlikely to argue with you about exactly how much time you really have.

What’s interesting to me is how much emphasis we put on time. …

I was surprised, to say the least

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I recently started going to a chiropractor for the purposes of preventative care and hopefully helping along some of the niggling injuries I’ve picked up while playing soccer.

I’ve only had three visits so far, but I’m really enjoying the process. I make a point of asking him questions about what is going on with the body and I make sure to listen when he has anything to explain.

Yesterday, he had something very interesting to say.

I’ve been very up front with him from the start…

Google’s new feature exposed that most people are lifetime consumers

We are inherently consumers. There’s no escaping that.

We need to find certain resources and consume them in order to live.

But a new feature that Google has added to their search bar recently shows how people really use the internet.

Unfortunately, it’s rarely for anything productive.

It is typically to look further into the primary distractions we have in society today: TV, award shows, video games, and some music.

This stood out to me the other day while I was about to search something. I stopped in my tracks when I read some of the “trending searches.”

I am…

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