Not a good look

When I’m part of something, I really want to be there.

I’m a very intentional person. I’m incredibly specific about the things I get involved with and how deeply I’m involved in them because I like having control over my life.

  • I work the jobs I work because they provide me the lifestyle I want to live, under the conditions I prefer, and because of the benefits they offer me.
  • I make the nutritional and fitness choices I make because I want to be robustly fit for the rest of my life.
  • I interact with the people I do because…

So many missed opportunities to make connections

Only 3 weeks ago, I started a brand new job. I have been working there a lot and meeting quite a few new people right off the bat.

This is excellent for me because I really needed some new people to talk to, some new stimulation, and honestly, some friends.

Since I’ve been putting the work into these areas, it’s been paying off so far. I’ve been as friendly as I can be to everyone I’ve met and I’d be lying if I said they haven’t reciprocated.

I started there with the intention of having no problems with anyone.


Anytime you need it, for any endeavor

Inspiration is one of those tricky topics that most people never seem to fully comprehend.

No matter what profession or how far down the road some people are, they still expect inspiration to show up like a friend showing up at their door just to say “hi.”

That’s not what inspiration is. It’s not something that’s given.

Just like everything else great in life, it’s something that’s earned. Especially if you want it to last for any considerable amount of time, which it normally doesn’t because you’ve been doing it wrong.

Watching motivational YouTube videos or great movies or listening…

Your value has been decreasing

No one ever wants to feel like they have to explain themselves. That is a sneaky bad feeling.

You don’t think it’s bad until you’re doing it and realizing how gross and uncomfortable the situation is, scrambling for words to appease the other person. Don’t get involved in interactions like this.

Everything you do should feel justified and help instill pride in you. There should be nothing you do that has you end up feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or disappointed with yourself.

That’s because those things are cheapening you. They’re eating away at your value as a person.

They make you…

An easy fix that has become an almost daily practice of mine

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During my last trip to the chiropractor, I made sure to point out my foot that is flatter than the other one in hopes that I could get some advice.

Working on your back and neck is great (and necessary), but I started going after all for the purpose of sorting out my ankles, feet, and a couple smaller injuries.

So this collapsed arch has been something I’ve been wondering about for a bit now. …

Your new template

We all have our days that feel utterly unmanageable. For some of us, this may be the case most of the time.

But fear not, because all of your days are manageable, no matter how crazy.

Here’s exactly what I started doing after years of anxiously struggling through my busier days:

Identify, Simplify, Commit

The first thing you need to do is identify what needs to be done.

It’s good to do this ahead of time because it will save you some energy during the day from decision fatigue if you’ve already identified what needs to be done.

There will…

I only want to exist on the fringes of society or on top of it

I’ve always found there to be problems with the given life arc that is taught growing up.

There’s just something about going to school, doing exactly what is told, getting a job that the family will approve of, finding a life partner, and maybe having some children that seems so bland. Not even just bland, but lifeless to me.

Where’s the personal input?

Where’s the uniqueness?

What if I don’t want any of those things?

My problem with this prescription is that it’s very safe, sterile, middle-of-the-road thinking. …

Kill your old self

When everything you thought you knew has been proved wrong right in front of you, it’s time to reinvent yourself entirely.

The best way to reinvent yourself is to kill your old self. There can be no holding back.

The reason why is because you will never get a better opportunity and even excuse to start acting completely differently than when your world has been flipped on it’s head.

My advice is basically to not just allow the carnage to keep unfolding on your old expectations, but join in on it.

This helps you pass one of life’s bigger tests…

The two have nothing in common and only one will lead to massive results in life

Imagine this: my favorite thing in the world is soccer. It is my favorite game, hobby, exercise, social activity, everything.

The problem is, I learned how to play soccer when I was in the middle of high school.

I started watching European soccer as a teenager and became fascinated with the game so I started practicing. My practice was going to the park alone to dribble the ball around and take some shots.

I had no one to pass to, no one to play off of. I learned everything I know about soccer from watching it closely on TV.


The one thing that affects the entire body that no one addresses

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Posture is another one of those things that we don’t want to address until it’s really a problem.

What posture really is, however, is a summation of habits practiced and choices made that are reflected in the way you present yourself to the world.

It is no coincidence that many desk workers tend to have a slight hunch in their back with their neck and head leaning forward. …

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