You really can get multiple benefits at once for the same time investment

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Once in awhile, I come across a concept that perfectly articulates the way I feel about something or perfectly explains what I’m aiming for.

The concept I am referring to is called life stacking. I’m sure it has other names as well but that’s how I know it.

Life stacking basically says that you can stack up tasks or accomplishments onto the same amount of time you’re already spending.

A simple example of this would be running the dishwasher while you are going through emails.

There’s no reason that running the dishwasher has to be the only thing you get…

From someone who’s worked in 3 forms of food service

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Through my working years, I’ve had jobs in concession stands, catering companies, and grocery stores. I have prepped food, delivered food, and even produced some of it.

All through that time, people have been counting their calories. It’s been a popular thing to do for quite a long time now.

It seems to be an attempted solution to having a rigid diet; if you just keep yourself under a certain amount of calories, maybe you won’t have to follow any specific diet.

I am here to tell you that from my experience, I wholeheartedly think counting calories is pointless and…

It took one word to melt my heart.

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She had been making me curious ever since I met her. And I had to meet her.

The first time I saw her, there was something about her that was a little different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I got her name, rather quickly. We passed each other many times throughout the course of our days. At least, at first we did.

Then, I didn’t see her for what felt like weeks. It was only a few days as far as I remember. But they were long. Something was missing for those few days.

She then returned…

The health sphere would never be the same without these pioneers

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Every great once in a while, I find someone who literally changes my entire world.

Whether it’s by confirming something I’ve always inherently believed in but didn’t express, or by presenting something so different and convincing that it causes a paradigm-shift in my head, these people have quite an impact.

I recently have been getting surges of inspiration from the people I’ve listed and some others by the quality of information they bring to the table and the depth they provide. …

I’ve been over-complicating it for so long

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I had been thinking about happiness recently. I didn’t think I had any of it.

I was thinking about my life and how much work I’ve been putting into it. Some things were starting to pay off, some were a work in progress, some areas were still failing.

It’s felt like a fight, lately.

The Surprising Realization

Then, I considered what actually made me feel happy when I reflected on each individual day. …

Never stop

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I have always wanted to be a hard-working person. ALWAYS.

I have always admired people at the top of their game and at the top of their field.

I love seeing competence and want it for myself. I want it across many different fields as well.

I recognized that being the leader of an industry and or even just appearing confident takes a ton of hard work. The problem is, I’ve never been a hard-worker. I don’t really like working hard when I don’t have to be. I’ve lacked discipline for the majority of my life.

I looked at people…

How’s that for a promise?

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When I was a kid, I had one true, ingrained fear. Unfortunately, I had to face that fear almost every single day too.

That fear was school.

I viewed school as a daily prison sentence that’s only perk was that your friends were sentenced with you.

More specifically, school freaked me out so much because I couldn’t manage it. From listening to the homework to the pace of learning to the tests, I was barely treading water. I didn’t have, and arguably still don’t have, the skillset to manage that workload effectively.

Luckily for me, I had a mom who…

The unexamined life is not worth living

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It is a tough time in history to voice a different and potentially unpopular opinion.

Although the call to limit reckless ideas is with good intent, people are not understanding the value of others who bring forward these game-changing ideas, usually called conspiracy theorists.

The caution is usually that their ideas are so crazy that they become “dangerous” because people might hear them and start believing them or even taking action because of it.

While I would also disagree with this sentiment, as you must allow people to think for themselves on any and all matters in my opinion, there…

No matter where you shop, your money can go much further

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Here’s how it goes with grocery shopping:

Unfortunately, you spend a large chunk of your paycheck there every week.

It sounds like a bad deal until you realize it beats the life out of eating at restaurants all the time. That hurts my wallet just thinking about it.

Fortunately, most grocery stores are set up the same and are operated systematically.

What this means is you can figure out what works for you and just run it like a program in the background of your mind whenever you shop from now on.

Luckily for you, I work in a grocery…

This ugly word is a beautiful thing

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The ultimate key to making you successful in any realm of endeavor is intolerance.

When we think of the word intolerant in today’s modern context, we immediately think of bad things. However, it can absolutely be a tool for good. It can be used to repel you away from your current, unsuccessful standing.

Intolerance in My Life

This idea first came to me months ago when winter was ending and spring was officially here, but the weather had not changed much at all. …

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